Hand Specialist

For the best hand specialist in Las Vegas, hundreds of people have been heading to Los Angeles to see Dr. Knight. Dr. Knight is a Board Certified and Fellowship Trained hand surgeon who has been working in the LA area for the past 20 years. He’s helped more than 15,000 people relieve pain in the hands, wrist, and upper extremity and many of his patients come from Las Vegas? Why? An hour flight or four hour drive is worth living pain free. Dr. Knight may be able to save your career and enable you to live pain free. He has given this gift to thousands of others.

You may have seen Dr. Knight recently on episodes of The Doctors TV show. For the first appearance, The Doctors invited him to talk about his revolutionary joint replacement surgery that has let people live pain-free. In his second appearance, Dr. Knight addressed Mommy Thumb, which is plaguing many women across the country. Dr. Knight has treated actors, musicians and professional athletes who rely solely on the use of their hands, wrist and upper extremities. Dr. Knight has saved careers and may be able to help you.

While you may think staying local for your hand surgery may be the right thing to do, why risk it? One of the best hand specialists in the country is within an hour flight. Your health is worth the time and you have a unique opportunity to see the best. Dr. Knight is able to perform a variety of procedures that can help relieve pain and increase mobility for a number of ailments. He was the first in the country to perform a radical, toe-thumb transplant, can relieve carpal tunnel pain in less than 10 minutes with minimal scarring and a tiny incision, or do a wrist arthroscopy to heal a condition with just a 2mm incision. Dr. Knight can also help you heal fractures of the hand and wrist, arthritis, sports injuries, mommy thumb, herniated discs, tumors and more. With offices throughout the Los Angeles area we can get you started with an initial consultation. We have a 24-hour toll free number and an online contact form so we can get you on the path to healing today.

Dr. Knight and the people at HAWI. in the Los Angles are dedicated to treating your condition and making you feel welcomed and cared for. Most of the procedures performed at the Hand and Wrist Institute are on an outpatient basis and will have you feeling relief from pain as quickly as possible. When you choose Dr. Knight, you choose quality, experience and expertise, and a warm welcoming environment that encourages health and healing.

When it comes to the very small and intricate area of the hand and wrist and few are willing to trust their health to just any surgeon. You need the best hand specialist in Las Vegas and beyond. For this reason, patients from all over the country have sought out Dr. Knight to treat their problem. Call Dr. Knight today and let him help you live pain-free!